Welcome to our Seminary!

Learn doctrine of the true Believe!

We are the first!

We are done with the first seminary course specially for old-catholic church!

Using the most important western orthodox knowledge, we prepare the course which will be used for a students from different countries around the World to receive divinity degree!

We believe to make the great seminary for to keep the great knowledge and share it to others!

We are professional

All our professors are well-educated and has enough knowledge in their fields to share it to students.

It's interesting!

We made our courses to be interesting! You will learn a lot from seminary course and will not be bored!

It's free of charge!

We are sure: education in seminary must be free! And we are happy to share our knowledge to others!

Why E-Seminary?

Learning materials

We using only the best learning materials of famous authors.

Online education

All you need for education is computer and Internet.

Good results

Our students has high rate in passing final exams.

Great perspectives

Alumni receiving chances to continue their carrier in Church.

Our 1-year program

Extrime cource for fast learners with all the important information and knowledge is here!

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